• Important Note

    The 60 Works site is up for reference, but is not actively being maintained.

  • PMM

    27th April 2012


    Interest in the PMM has spawned the creation of this page. With the client’s permission, I’ve decided to simply give away all the PMM design files. (One exception: the International Feel Logo on the lid. That’s not my artwork.)

    Why do this? Giving away my secrets has become a successful technique. The PMM client contacted me thanks to the Hale Micro Build Video, where I was very forthcoming with build details.

    Putting it into brutally honest marketing terms: what I lose in possible sales by giving away these files doesn’t compare to the value gained in becoming known as the kind of guy who can make these gadgets.





    A number of you had contacted me with a potential desire to purchase this device. I am very happy to accommodate.

    If you didn’t peruse the files above, you may be in for a shock. The parts list for the PMM comes to $1040USD. In other words, if someone were to make this controller, they’d have to spend $1000 before they even assemble it.

    There are many ways to cut costs. The easiest method is mass production. A slightly cheaper-feeling PMM could become a $250 controller if someone converted this into an assembly line product.

    But that’s not what I do. There’s an upfront cost problem (tens of thousands of dollars to “tool up”), an inventory/logistics problem (a $250 PMM means you need to make at least 100), a licensing/legal problem (do Arturia and/or Moog deserve a cut?) and a general branding problem (60 Works == custom, rest of the industry == mass production).


    So I’m going to try something new. Name your price. You can see the parts list. That’s $1000. I can tell you this build takes about 24 hours of labor. There are also little touches I like to add, like a custom parts box with spares and tools. Then there’s shipping. Most of you don’t live in the USA so it can get pricey.

    So, name your price. Tell me what all this is worth to you. Your controller doesn’t have to be like the PMM. It can be a completely different layout to better suit your needs. We can do a different case, or maybe you like Moog-style knobs better. I recently modified the PMM’s original faceplate to mock up a slightly cheaper version. This smaller model is about $850 in parts.


    Feel free to contact me with questions or requests!