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  • “I Don’t Have a Day Job”

    “I Don’t Have a Day Job”

    23rd May 2011, (1 Comments)

    After seven years of doing 60 Works-related thinking and planning “on the side,” I have decided to pursue the world of custom music controllers exclusively.


    Two main takeaways from this short post:

    1. greatly accelerated progress on two 60 Works projects to be released this summer.
    2. hypocrisy, contradictions and general backpedaling from the statements in “I Have a Day Job.”


    Regarding 1 — These projects will be receiving my full attention, as well as the attention of a small, local team of experts I’ve gathered. I hate “tease” marketing, so I’ll only say that specific news will follow in the late Summer.

    Regarding 2 — Meh, life happens. Turns out that maintaining quality and sanity while managing Personal Life, Day Job and 60 Works all at once was impossible. Chalk it up to a life lesson, learned the hard way.


    A number of uncertainties lie ahead, but two things are clear:

    1. I’m as excited as I have ever been to make something out of this opportunity.
    2. Comment Spam will continue to hound me.


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