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  • Moldover’s MOJO

    Moldover’s MOJO

    24th April 2012, (2 Comments)

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    Moldover and I are collaborating on another project. This one is concerns the MOJO, the custom controller he tours with.

    The MOJO has become an open project, available for anyone to make. In the video below,¬†Moldover details the MOJO’s history, its design and a typical build.


    This is still Moldover’s baby, but 60 Works is becoming a clearinghouse for all things MOJO. (We’re also selling MOJOs for people who’d like to buy one instead of making one.)


    What’s the reason for 60 Works’ involvement? Moldover is too busy being Moldover, artist extraordinaire… while I actually want to be tackling things like pre-sales support, invoicing and logistics. It’s an ideal partnership for the Artist dude/Business dude relationship we’ve developed.

    Once again, the Mojo product page is here!


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