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    02nd October 2013, in Highlights, News/Blog ( Comments)

    Oh dear. Fifteen months since my last post!? Lets re-cap:

    • Months 1-5: Interesting projects continue to trickle in, but desperation also setting in — I’d need to be fulfilling 2.5 “interesting projects” a month to pay the bills; and am on track for about 0.75/month. I take some gigs I should’ve vetted more closely. Time for a temp job.
    • Months 6-10: Interesting projects continue to trickle in, but I’m too busy paying the bills to work on the business. Temp job fades and a new gig at Dubspot begins. Dubspot gig grows quickly and is incredibly engaging.
    • Months 11-15: Interesting projects still trickle in — at quite possibly, a greater rate than normal — with zero marketing support. Dubspot gig coalesces into what it is now — a hybrid project/people management role that is immensely rewarding and exhausting.


    It’s time to dive back into the business. I just accidentally neglected what I consider to be a mega-VIP in my world. Here’s a snippet of what I wrote:

    Again, apologies for the delays. It’s a bit silly, you having to bug me so much in order to get my business. I should be the one bending over backwards, not the other way around.

    A bit of background: 60 Works is an experiment, an investment in the idea that controllers are going to become Icons, just as traditional instruments have become. I spent a good year incubating the business, and gained a lot of good will but very little money. Since then, the company has been in maintenance mode as I pay the bills. I’m still working out the balance of nurturing the business while paying the bills. That is my lengthy excuse.


    That’s what I should’ve told a great many of you in the past 15 months. So here’s a late autoreply.

    Next steps? Finish a project I should’ve completed literally 9 months ago, and possibly invest in making 10-15 Minimoog-style controllers for a boutique run.


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