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  • Ableton Live 8 Device Mapping: Free Reference Document

    Ableton Live 8 Device Mapping: Free Reference Document

    10th July 2012, (2 Comments)

    A dry, techy post follows:

    Been talking to a potential client, and the topic of Device Mapping has come up. (Device Mapping: that nifty feature that lets you use your bank of 8 knobs to control devices in Live.)

    Hidden in the bowels of the Help section of Ableton Live 8 is a handy reference guide for these mappings. ¬†The guide is built into the “Lessons” pane. This can be a little cumbersome in use, so I extracted all the relevant data out of the guide, and re-formatted it in a friendlier format.

    Feel free to do whatever you like with these files:
    Device Mapping, Word File
    Device Mapping, PDF File


    Many of my¬†efforts focus on allowing people to stop looking at the damned screen when they make & play music. Staring at a reference manual isn’t much of an improvement, so let’s just call this a baby step.


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