• Important Note

    The 60 Works site is up for reference, but is not actively being maintained.

  • About

    What is 60 Works?

    60 Works builds devices for making and performing music. We specialize in custom and boutique MIDI controllers. More information here.

    We are three things: a website, a workshop and expertise.

    1. The website: you’re looking at it. ’nuff said.
    2. The workshop: a cozy space equipped for prototyping, testing and manufacture of small controller runs. We’re based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
    3. The expertise: access to the mind of Dave Cross, the egomaniac behind 1 &  2. More about him here.


    Expanding on ‘expertise,’ it is the intersection of three proficiencies:

    1. Controller design and manufacture. We understand what it takes to build a good-looking controller from scratch.
    2. Music Software. No matter what software you use, there’s a very good chance we are at least familiar with (if not experts at) it.
    3. Computer Hardware. We read all those dorky magazines and tech blogs. We are certified computer hardware technicians. We know what’s coming down the pipeline with that all-important device that plays your music.


    60 Works and its projects have been fortunate enough to receive attention from the following sources:

    Zayik and 60 Works have graced the pages of Computer Music Magazine and Mixmag, respectively.


    What to Expect

    (Abridged Version, for more details please see this article.) If you become a client, the result of your experience will be a controller. But the controller is only the end of an intense process of discovering, then building, a device that completely and comprehensively meets your musical needs. We’re offering the freedom to stop compromising when it comes to quality, and the comfort of working with someone who has already made the mistakes a first-time controller builder will inevitably make.

    Put simply, we are governed by service, not by price or inventory.


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