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  • What is 60 Works?

    What is 60 Works?

    22nd July 2011, in Highlights, News/Blog ( Comments)

    I have found myself describing this little company to a variety of people from different backgrounds. Here is what I tell them.

    You’re a generic service provider (accountant, lawyer, banker, supplier, etc): 60 Works is a small business in the Musical Instruments (MI) industry. We specialize in boutique and custom designs.

    You’re a random person off the street: 60 Works makes gadgets for people who use computers to perform music. It sounds pretty geeky (and it is), but one of our goals is to empower these people to stop hiding behind their laptops, and to start providing an actual performance on stage.

    You’re an instrumentalist/vocalist: 60 Works makes custom MIDI controllers. These devices control the computer gear you use to record. Some artists have begun using MIDI controllers as instruments in their own right. 60 Works helps make these.

    You’re a DJ: You know those devices that let you control Serato or Traktor without using the keyboard? Those are MIDI Controllers. 60 Works makes them for people with needs beyond what can be found off the shelf.

    You’re an Electronic Musician: 60 Works makes MIDI controllers. They’re more expensive than what you see at the store, but are built around a different philosophy. We build custom instruments for your performance. We don’t build generic plastic boxes.


    You’re a business/tech journalist looking for an introductory sentence to start an article about 60 Works: What if a restless, jaded 30 year old — a devotee of the works of David Allen and Seth Godin — decided to start a company around his singular passion for music-making gadgets?



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