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  • Bassnectar Controller (Assist)

    Bassnectar Controller (Assist)

    02nd September 2011, (16 Comments)

    Some of you may have noticed frequent links to the artist Matt Moldover throughout the site. We’re friends and colleagues.


    It’s a warm and fuzzy relationship — we’re genuinely interested in helping each other whenever possible. I believe we have a pretty clear idea of each other’s goals within this world of music technology: I prefer to be the “Business Dude” while he prefers to be the “Artist Dude.” But in order to get where we are, we both had to become MIDI controller experts.


    This creates some overlap. Case in point: Matt’s recent gig creating a custom controller for Bassnectar. We shared resources to complete the project, though Matt is responsible for the bulk of the work. My contribution was minor, but Matt ensured I received credit for my contribution. That’s just the kind of guy he is.



    Update — the controller (now with a silver top panel) is appearing in some great photos from a recent Las Vegas festival:


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