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    The 60 Works site is up for reference, but is not actively being maintained.

  • Hale Micro Build Video

    Hale Micro Build Video

    26th January 2012, (4 Comments)

    Kenneth Graham at Hale Microsystems asked me to put together a “build video” — something that would show how a controller is assembled from start to finish. We’re doing this as a bit of cross-promotion.

    (I also have the sneaking suspicion Kenneth did this to help me get off my butt and focus on a new project while 60 Works and Zayik slowly gained momentum. I don’t know if this is true, but it makes him appear very wise and sage, so we’ll keep thinking that.)

    The build video went through a number of iterations, and eventually morphed into what you see here. Instead of simply presenting a build, I went for a more instructional style, with a complementary website here.

    If this takes off, I could imagine selling “Drill Your Own” kits. That controller was designed in such a way that the most complicated assembly tool was a power drill. We shall see!


    Anecdotes from making the video:

    • Early on, I set a rough 5-minute limit, taking into account the typical YouTube viewer’s attention span. Five minutes of content is too much and not enough, all at once. The amount of work to create this was extraordinary, as was the amount of content that was cut from the script.
    • I have newfound respect for one of my favorite TV shows: How It’s Made (on Netflix Watch Instantly in the USA). It’s a simple format, but I’m beginning to appreciate the amount of effort put into each episode.
    • My subtle, classy orange/yellow walls in the workshop look horrible on camera.
    • Editing video makes you watch content in a completely different light. You see things you previously didn’t perceive, especially cuts between shots. I imagine a basic Film class teaches this same vision.
    • Looking at yourself in the mirror is very different from looking at video of yourself. It’s a bit horrifying at first. Then you get used to it, seeing beyond your past self on the computer screen.


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    EQ Kit

    EQ Kit

    26th January 2012, (0 Comments)

    The EQ Kit was built to showcase an instructional video about its creation. The video can be foundĀ here.

    This controller was designed to be re-created by a novice. The wiring scheme, the enclosure and the components all take this into account.


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