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  • The MOJO

    24th April 2012


    The MOJO is a performance MIDI controller designed by Moldover. Scroll down for more details. Scroll even further for a sales pitch where we try to build & sell you one.



    The MOJO has gone open source. Everything you need to build your own MOJO is contained in the following file:

    MOJO Open Source Archive (94MB .zip file)

    What’s inside?:

    • A brief instruction guide and Q&A. (Note: BRIEF being the operative word. There is no 100-page step-by-step guide to the various technical and electrical challenges behind completing this build.)
    • ORIGINAL design files for Laser Cutting and Milling.
    • Full Parts list.
    • MIDI Mapping reference: overlay pictures and programming files.
    • Two Ableton Live templates mapped to the MOJO. Use them with your own MOJO, or just steal the incredible effects chains.
    Also, check this video for an in-depth look at a typical MOJO build.


    “Don’t mistake it for a shiny, well built box with fun buttons. This is a true instrument, I approach and play it in much the same way I approach my horn. There really is nothing quite like it.” — Geoff Countryman



    MOJO Features (begin sales pitch):

    • Works with all MIDI compatible music software
    • 10 ultra-responsive touch strips
    • 24 full-sized, competition-grade arcade buttons
    • Rubberized knobs, rugged faders and burly toggle switches
    • Assembled by hand in San Francisco, CA
    • Scratch-resistant anodized aluminum faceplate
    • All 18-8 stainless steel hardware
    • Environmentally sealed twist-lock USB cable included
    • USB bus-powered
    • Class-compliant USB device (no driver to install)
    • Dimensions: 11.5″ x 18″ x 4″, 7.5lbs
    • Available NOW for $1999.00 (USD). Scroll down for details.

    “As a musician/instrumentalist, I had been frustrated by controllers that lacked an expressive interface — button grids simply did not do it for me. Then the Mojo came along. With its combination of ribbons, switches, buttons, and ergonomic design, I was in controller heaven. Playing with sound had never been so much fun!”
     — Goyopod



    “The Mojo is the single greatest controller in the history of MIDI. If it had a vagina I would never leave the house.” — Ill Gates


    Super Fun Instrument Design from Nathan Lively on Vimeo.

    The MOJO is available for $1999.00 (USD). Please contact mojosales@60works.com for details!


    • MOJOs are built by hand as orders are fulfilled. They do not ship immediately upon purchase.
    • Shipping is $60.00 to USA destinations.
    • The MOJO pictured above comes from the initial production run; subsequent MOJOs will have slight cosmetic differences.
    • An additional 8.5% sales tax will be added to orders shipped to California.
    • International Shipping rates will vary.
    • Prices do NOT include foreign sales tax, import fees, tariffs or VAT.
    • Hate PayPal? We also accept Google Checkout. Contact us for details.