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  • Why you should (or shouldn’t) choose 60 Works

    Why you should (or shouldn’t) choose 60 Works

    21st November 2010, in Highlights, News/Blog ( Comments)

    You should seriously consider a 60 Works custom controller if:

    • You’ve established a specific musical workflow, and are dissatisfied with existing solutions on the market.
    • You want to create a new workflow, and existing solutions do not meet your needs.
    • You have a great desire for a custom device, personalized to your exact specifications.
    • You want something no one else in the world has.
    • You have an idea for a new control scheme, and are willing to pursue it to fruition.

    Think twice about a 60 Works custom controller if:

    You’ve established a specific musical workflow, and have found a solution that meets 90% of your needs.

    • You’ll have to carefully consider the cost of getting to 100% versus simply dealing with what you have.

    You change your musical workflow often. You pick up new controllers like other people pick up their coffee in the morning.

    • You’ll need to determine a workflow you feel can stand the test of time. Otherwise, you’ll be spending quite a bit of money for something that may disappoint you in the long run.
    • (By the way, no judgment here. The owner suffers from the same affliction.)

    You have a great idea for a new type of controller.

    • Everyone has ideas… for movies, for books, for anything creative.
    • The greatest idea in the world is simply a dream unless you follow up on it.
    • Your idea will stagnate unless you’re willing to put effort (or an investment) into it.
    • 60 Works will not build you a controller based on just your great idea. It’s simply not feasible.

    Do not consider a 60 Works custom controller if:

    You are trying to save money.

    • Unfortunate but true. See this article for details on custom controller pricing, or this article if you’d like to try build one yourself.

    You are hoping a controller will make you a star.

    • We make tools to augment talent. We don’t create talent. No software or hardware will make you a better musician.

    Why all the discouragement? Don’t you want clients?

    Yes. But only serious clients with a clear idea of what is possible. 60 Works wants to generate happiness and satisfaction, not disappointment. The best way to accomplish this is to establish expectations as early as possible. So the bad news comes first, then relationships are established with whomever is left standing.

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    January 3, 2011 3:34 pm


    Good to set it all up front!