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    01st November 2010, in Highlights, News/Blog ( Comments)

    The design of this site is supposed to evoke warm, fuzzy feelings of a boutique workshop. If you didn’t get that, well that’s the designer’s fault. But let’s cut through the marketing for a moment: This is expensive stuff.

    There’s a term in the manufacturing industry called “tooling up.” It represents the time and effort to prepare an assembly line for production. Tooling up is expensive, but costs are recouped and profits made due to the sheer volume being produced.

    Every new 60 Works project requires tooling up. This level of preparation is required to maintain certain standards of quality. The problem is volume. We don’t make 1,000 or 10,000 identical controllers. For any client, we’ll probably make less than 10.

    Exactly how expensive is a custom controller? It depends on the ambitiousness of your project, and your perception of value. One person’s “who the heck would pay that much for that?” is another person’s “well that’s reasonable, considering the time and effort involved.” Bottom line: this will not be an impulse purchase. Please see this article for some decision-making advice.

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    October 8, 2011 3:43 pm

    will (@fyi_crew)

    I never did see a quote of any sort on both the decision making article (hilarious btw, you must get a lot of kids hitting you up wanting something for 150$ or whatever) or the pricing article. I get it, it’s expensive, but I’ve in total spent around 10 grand including a computer on dj equipment and with items like the cdj2000 now on market costing around 2000$, I don’t thing you’ll sticker shock anyone.

    October 8, 2011 5:12 pm

    Dave Cross (@60works)

    Two reasons why I’m so apologetic about my services.

    1. It’s my personality. I know I’m boutique, which means I serve a minority. But that desire to make people happy gets intensified when you put yourself “out there” for the internet horde to consume.

    2. I AM that typical annoying cheapskate, with everything but controllers.