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    Marketing 60 Works

    11th January 2011, in Highlights, News/Blog ( Comments)

    In an attempt at transparency, I’m going to be brutally honest about some of my marketing techniques. Below I’ll share regarding my attempts to manipulate you into paying attention to 60 Works. Up to and including the conniving technique of being brutally honest about my techniques… to attract even more attention.

    First, the good and the bad:

    The Good

    • Some wonderfully-phrased, ego-stroking attention from two of my favorite blogs: Createdigitalmusic and Skratchworx.
    • Great responses from some forum posts at DJ Tech Tools and EM411.
    • In general, good vibes and feedback from many well-wishers.

    The Bad

    • Oh dear (link). I knew the Midibox folks didn’t appreciate commercial interests, but I seriously misjudged my audience. I felt as if I were gently escorted out of the club by a bouncer, in view of the DJ and the entire dancefloor.

    Additional insights from a few weeks of promoting this little company:
    1. Thick skin required. Even years of participating in cutthroat message boards did not prepare me to defend something I’m so emotionally invested in. One can avoid this by ditching the “social” side of marketing, but that tactic may come back to haunt you.
    2. Twitter is the real deal. It takes a few days to “get it,” but after that step, you have a new medium for meaningful communication.
    3. It’s difficult to successfully communicate the services of a company with such a specific purpose. Many people think the Third Deck is a product for sale, instead of a proof-of-concept. A larger portfolio will reduce this problem, but until then, additional explanation is needed upfront.
    4. It is equally difficult to target marketing for such a company. Are Sasha fans potential clients? Mostly not. Are Ableton fans potential clients? Mostly not. How about Novation fans? Maybe, but still not a good fit. There’s no magic Facebook “like” or Google term that pigenholes my potential client base. In other words, I can’t annoy the “right” people to visit 60 Works.
    5. Spam and hacking on this website platform (WordPress) is frequent and annoying. To anyone perturbed by comment moderation, it’s on for good reason.

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