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    01st November 2010, in News/Blog ( Comments)

    Below are a series of relevant links.

    Lesser-Known Manufacturers
    Chances are, if you’re browsing this site, you’re exploring the fringes of  the controller industry. You’re probably aware of M-Audio, Novation, Akai and Behringer. But do you know about all the manufacturers below? Maybe someone out there already makes your dream controller!

    • Allen & Heath makes some unique MIDI-only controllers, as well hybrid controller/mixer products.
    • Ecler makes hybrid devices as well.
    • Codanova is a French controller company.
    • Eks is a Finnish company that makes hybrid DJ controller/sound cards.
    • Infinite Response makes a professional 76-key MIDI keyboard that folds in half (!).
    • Kenton have been around for ages, and make a few MIDI controllers.
    • Aurora is an open-source DIY DJ MIDI controller.
    • Faderfox make compact controllers specifically for Ableton Live and Traktor.
    • Livid Instruments make VJ/Music controllers.
    • Open Labs make special controllers that house an entire computer system.
    • Monome make a beautifully simple controller.

    The following artists are using, or have used custom controllers. This list is by no means complete:

    • Richie Hawtin and Sasha weren’t the first, but they certainly helped popularize this concept.
    • Moldover is an artist, an inventor and a good friend. He actively performs with his Mojo custom controller.
    • Monolake is another artist, inventor and friend.

    Other Links

    • Create Digital Music is my favorite music tech blog.
    • Skratchworx is a great blog that covers the evolution of digital DJing for scratch DJs.
    • DJ Tech Tools covers digital DJing from a more holistic perspective. They have a web store where they sell third party controllers, their own controllers and controller mods.
    • Fractalspin is a boutique that carries an assortment of gear for electronic music and DJing. They feature items not even found in specialty geek stores like ThinkGeek.

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    September 21, 2011 3:35 pm

    Dave Cross (@60works)

    Another wonderful DIYer, specializing in Synthesizer-based designs: http://www.synth-project.de/Welcome.html

    October 4, 2011 1:58 pm

    Dave Cross (@60works)

    A highly recommended Mastering Studio run by a friend and colleague. Specializing in electronic music. http://innerportalstudio.com/